Thank you for my recent Facial Reflexology Treatment, which could only be described as "wonderful", a real Treat!... I loved it, thank you.

The whole experience was amazing and the results have made a real difference to my skin.

I haven't had this type of treatment before, so I didn’t know what to expect, however you explained the treatment every step of the way, ensuring that I felt very comfortable and confident with everything that happened from start to finish.

Not only was the actual treatment itself hugely enjoyable, invigorating and relaxing, but the end result was also fabulous and my skin felt much softer and plumper and more youthful... which made me super happy!

Thank you Carole, I loved my treatment, you are a star... keep shining!


Face feels really soft and sort of firmer, I think it looks good too. So all in all I feel really good. Thank you for the lovely treatment, enjoyed every minute.



The Treatment : Massage and Face Lift
Carole had a comfortable reclining chair and warm rug to cover up with. Low lights completed the warm and relaxed ambience. Carole massaged my face with rose oil using short movements, explaining the treatment throughout. The oil was well absorbed into my skin for the second half, which was the face lift. The face lift essentially continued the massage concentrating on particular areas around the eyes, brow and cheeks.

I did not know what to expect as have no experience of Facial Reflexology. I felt very relaxed from the beginning and found the massage very enjoyable. At the end my skin looked tighter, healthier and I definitely looked less tired. My eyes were clear and sparkling. This was noticed by friends and family the following day.

Carole is a great therapist, very relaxed and skilled.