Reflexology is an ancient form of self-healing. Modern techniques have embraced this form of therapy and can show evidence of it being used as far back as 4,000 BC.

Reflexologist do not heal clients but by working with the pressure points in both the Feet and Hands can allow the body to repair and heal itself in the most natural way.

The initial session will include a brief health history, which may be taken prior to the treatment or part of. You will be made to feel comfortable and free to ask any questions, or concerns you may have prior to the treatment.

As a Reflexologist, I aim to provide the highest level of confidentiality and follow the code of conduct practices outlined within the professional associations.

A mixture of emotions and feelings may accompany your treatment as we work with different reflexes within the body, this is perfectly normal and I encourage all my clients to embrace these feelings. Some clients fall asleep, which again is perfectly normal as the body continues to relax and embrace the soothing balance of reflexology.

I treat each client as an individual, and tailor each treatment to their specific needs. I aim to provide my clients with a caring, professional service which leaves them feeling relaxed and improves their overall state of well-being.